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Finding the Right Sitter for Your Special Needs Child (855 words): it’s easier than you think

“Once you’ve met the potty / food / bedtime requirement, anything else is extra. At our house, the extras are the best part.”

At Your Service: The Best Way to Get Your Kids to Eat Nutritious Food (696 words): accept that your kids will snack, and provide snacks like a servant

“… my children’s tendency to turn into Lord and Lady Fauntleroy is so strong that I have harnessed it for my – and ultimately their – advantage.”

This Holiday Season, Before You Assume I’m a Bad Parent … (976 words): the mother of two high-maintenance children writes a letter to relatives who are as uptight as she used to be

“If this holiday get-together is a chance to showcase my children, to enter them in a competition for best all-around kid in the family, I forfeit.”

How To Handle Picky Eating in the Long Term (678 words): an expert / mother’s everyday strategy

“If James uses a spoon and chews his Cheerios with his mouth closed, I’ll look the other way when he eats broccoli with his fingers.”

Dr. Mom (711 words): about childhood fears

“One would think that a good year of focused intervention from a psychologist / mother would suffice. Not this time.”

The Hard Way (579 words): an uplifting essay about kids’ resilience

“It’s true, you sometimes have to get kids to do things against their will. Some kids more than others. I’ve always provided a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. But this time Catina was in charge, not me.”

The Potty Lady Meets Her Match (644 words): about toilet training

“Potty training had been a problem to solve, a set of skills to learn. It wasn’t until Margot came along that I experienced it as the healthy scene of mother-child conflict it can be.”

An Exercise in Futility? 10 Reasons Why My Son Won’t Eat His Dinner (930 words): an expert/mother’s real life experience of picky eating

“When is it going to be okay for me to treat James like Charlie the dog? I want to put down a bowl of Oatmeal Squares three times a day and let him eat it with his hands. It would save all of us a lot of trouble.”