Reprint List


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  1. This Holiday Season, Before You Assume I’m a Bad Parent … (976 words): The mother of two high-maintenance children writes a letter to relatives who are as uptight as she used to be

“If this holiday get-together is a chance to showcase my children, to enter them in a competition for best all-around kid in the family, I forfeit.”

  1. Finding the Right Sitter for Your Special Needs Child (855 words): it’s easier than you think

“Once you’ve met the potty / food / bedtime requirement, anything else is extra. At our house, the extras are the best part.”

  1. At Your Service: The Best Way to Get Your Kids to Eat Nutritious Food(696 words): accept that your kids will snack, and provide snacks like a servant

“… my children’s tendency to turn into Lord and Lady Fauntleroy is so strong that I have harnessed it for my – and ultimately their – advantage.”

  1. How To Handle Picky Eating in the Long Term (678 words): an expert / mother’s everyday strategy

“If James uses a spoon and chews his Cheerios with his mouth closed, I’ll look the other way when he eats broccoli with his fingers.”

  1. An Exercise in Futility? 10 Reasons My Son Won’t Eat His Dinner (930 words): an expert/mother’s real life experience of picky eating

“When is it going to be okay for me to treat James like Charlie the dog? I want to put down a bowl of Oatmeal Squares three times a day and let him eat it with his hands. It would save all of us a lot of trouble.”

  1. This Year, Try Gambling With Kids’ Worries (635 words): a new, energetic way to respond to common worries

Just as warnings aren’t enough for some kids, reassurances aren’t either. Gambling offers a middle ground between hovering and hands-off.”

  1. Surrender, Dorothy (662 words): about toilet training

“Instead of the benevolent coach, calmly putting my experience to good use, I’ve ended up the bewildered observer, cleaning up the mess just like everyone else.” 

  1. The Hard Way (579 words): an uplifting essay about kids’ resilience

“It’s true, you sometimes have to get kids to do things against their will. Some kids more than others. I’ve always provided a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. But this time Catina was in charge, not me.”

  1. Dr. Mom (711 words): about childhood fears

“One would think that a good year of focused intervention from a psychologist / mother would suffice. Not this time.”