Potty Training Support


Potty training is a HUGE accomplishment.

But it doesn’t always go smoothly.

Respond to your child in a way that you’ll be able to use again and again as your child develops.

I offer:

  • in-home support with potty training
  • consultation with teachers to improve home-school consistency
  • workshops about potty training
  • focused potty training support groups

My essays about potty training:

Back in the Saddle

Your child will learn from her mistakes, yes, but also from your response to those mistakes.

Blog Post on lynnadamsphd.com

Surrender, Dorothy

What a fool I was, expecting a free pass — or at least a discount — on toilet training the second time around.

Brain Child Magazine

Dr. Mom

One would think that four months of earnest intervention from a psychologist / mother would suffice.  

Brain Child Magazine